If you have inquired about kittens and not heard back, please accept my apology. I get so many inquiries that I am typically way behind on my replies. When I don’t have kittens and don’t yet know when the next litter will be, I tend not to reply, although I save everybody’s inquiries and look through them when I finally have a litter to place. I invite you to contact me again to affirm your interest– that helps me know who is really hoping for a kitten and who was just sending out casual or multiple inquiries. If you tell me about your household and any previous experience with cats in general or with Siamese in particular, whether you have recently lost an elderly Siamese, and a bit about why you are looking for a cat, that helps me in composing a reply. (Similarly, if you say “Do you have any kittens? How much are they?” I probably won’t answer. That tells me that you probably haven’t read the “Terms” page, which includes price as well as other important information.)

Current litter: Kara had her first litter in May. The sire is seal lynx point Alicats Wizard. One of the kittens is a lynx point boy, and there are two seal point boys and one seal point girl. These kittens will go to kitten-seekers who have written to inquire over the past several months, although there are not enough to go around, unfortunately. They will be ready to go to new homes in mid-August.

Kara and Wizard’s kittens

Next litter: (In case you have been watching for news, Miranda’s last litter was due at the end of July but it turned out that the pregnancy had not gone normally and no kittens resulted.) Two of the other girls, Nina and Emily, have both been to see Wizard and if those visits were successful, litters would be due in October, with kittens ready early in 2021.

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