Unneutered adult male cats are more difficult to house than females, and so the usual sires of our kittens reside across town with another breeder who is better equipped to keep them. Currently there are two:


ThaiDi Aslankitty the Lionheart, is a big blue point fellow whose father, blue point Mingo Tia Lynn, from Sandypoints cattery near Philadelphia, is descended from old Pennsylvania Siamese lines. Aslan’s mother, Tonopah Aithra, is a lilac point from an old California Siamese cattery.


Alicats Wizard in the Belfry, born in 2019, is a new addition to the lineup and came to Colorado as a young adult from Alicats Thais in Ohio.. He’s a seal lynx point, which means his face, ears, legs, and tail have tabby stripes instead of solid coloring. His seal point father is the son of two seal point Thais imported from Thailand, which helps refresh our gene pool with more of what it started out with in the 1800s. His mother is a seal lynx point whose coat pattern came from a lynx point boy imported to Pennsylvania from Siamese breeders in the United Kingdom. Wizard is a friendly mellow boy with intensely blue eyes, and his is able to sire both solid-pointed and lynx-pointed kittens. His first litter was born in spring of 2020 with Kara, consisting of three seal points and one seal lynx point. His latest litter with Kara had two lynx points and one seal point.

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