Our Girls

Current Queens

Kara in a Chewy box

Seal point CloudCity Karawek “Kara,” is from the final litter of our now-retired Kestrel. Her name is (supposedly) Thai for “bird,” to carry on the tradition of her half-native Thai grandfather Falcon and her mother Kestrel. She was born in March 2018 and had her first litter in spring 2020, and a second a year later. She is a triple Grand Champion in the International Cat Association.

Emily as an older kitten

CloudCity Emily, a seal point, was born in late 2018, to our girl Miranda and our sister cattery’s CloudCity Shogun Wills. She was shown as a kitten and a young adult cat and did quite well; she was the breed-winning Thai kitten for the 2019-2020 show year as well as a regional winner in both the kitten and championship classes of The International Cat Association. After an unsuccessful breeding in the fall of 2020, she finally had her first litter in June, 2021.

Retired Queens


CloudCity Nina, a chocolate point, was born in 2015. She was a very tiny (hence the name Nina–“little girl”) but also fearless kitten, and her confidence and independence are still with her. She had only two litters because she is finicky about her suitors, and a final attempt in the fall of 2020 failed, so she was spayed and retired. Her mother is our now-retired and placed Kestrel, and her sire was a lilac point fellow, Stonearch Harry, who emigrated to England shortly after she was born. She recently earned her Supreme Grand Champion Alter title in The International Cat Association. She was placed as a pet in 2022.

Miranda and one of her previous kittens

Seal point Sandypoints Miranda of CloudCity, was retired from breeding in late summer 2020 as the litter we hoped she was carrying failed to develop normally. She was born in 2013 and was been a devoted mom to her many litters. She came to us from Sandypoints cattery in Pennsylvania; her mother was a chocolate point girl that I had bred and sent to Sandypoints. She had kittens with the whole range of point colors depending on the sire’s color inheritance.


Blackfootriver Phoebe of CloudCity Our blue point “senior queen emerita,” is an opinionated, vocal, and curious girl determined to know (and comment on) everything that’s going on in the house. Born in Montana in 2007, she had eight litters, 43 kittens, before she retired in 2013. Now 13 years old, she is free to bask in sunny spots and chide the other cats when they do things she considers inappropriate. We are glad to have her keeping order.


Falkenhöhe Nala of CloudCity came to Colorado from Germany as a kitten in November 2009. She was bred by Beatrix Rahn of der Falkenhöhe cattery in Eppstein, Germany, near Frankfurt, who was one of the breeders who helped launch the old-style Siamese as the Thai breed. Nala has German, English, and American Siamese lines in her background, and we are honored that Bea brought her to us, so that American old-style Siamese/Thais could broaden their genetic diversity for the long-term good of the breed. In June 2010, just after her first birthday, Nala earned her Grand Championship in TICA, and then went on to produce several handsome litters. She retired from breeding in 2014, served for 6 years as grandmother or great-grandmother to our breeding girls and their kittens. Recently she was adopted by a family who was missing an older Siamese they had lost, where she is enjoying retirement with only one other cat and the attention of a couple of kids and their parents.


CloudCity Kestrel Chocolate point Kestrel was born in August of 2012. Her mother is Phoebe and her father is CloudCity Falcon, who lives at Alicats Thais in Ohio. (Kestrels are small hawks; she was named in honor of her dad.) Falcon’s father is a native Thai imported from Bangkok in 2009, so Kestrel carries a cargo of “original” Siamese cat genes to replenish our gene pool. She finished her TICA Supreme Grand Championship in 2017. In the fall of 2020 she went with her grandson Archie as a pet in a home that had recently lost a beloved very elderly Siamese.


CloudCity Leto was born in early 2013, a seal point daughter of Phoebe and CloudCity Katsumoto, Nala’s son. Her disposition is exactly like that of her mother Phoebe: fearless, curious, determined, and clever. (Her name, like her grandparents’, mother’s and sister’s, comes from Greek mythology; Leto and Asteria were Phoebe’s daughters, and since mom Phoebe was due to be retired, it seemed appropriate for one last little girl to have the name.) She had a litter in 2014, then retired and earned her TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter title. Now she and her litter brother live happily nearby with our pet sitter, so we still see her now and then.

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